Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Meet the Hollowheads (1989)

Director: Thomas R. Burman

Writers: Thomas R. Burman, Lisa Morton

Composer: Glenn A. Jordan

Starring: John Glover, Nancy Mette, Richard Portnow, Matt Shakman, Juliette Lewis, Joshua John Miller, Shnutz Burman, Anne Ramsey, Bobcat Goldthwait

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Sometime, somewhere, the Hollowhead family is having a bad day ....

Plot: The Hollowheads are a strange, futuristic family that live in a Jetsons type world complete with many cool gadgets. Henry is hoping for a promotion at the slime factory in which he works and decides to bring his boss home for dinner and to meet the family. The horny, pervert, rude boss does not know what he is up against when he begins with his advances towards Mrs. Hollowhead and his abundance of rudeness.

My rating: 3/10

Will I watch it again? Ugh.

Oh, boy.  I wanted to shut this one off but I persevered. I dig the concept, I can appreciate the attempt and it's got lots of actors I enjoy but it's just so...irritating?  I think that's it.  It didn't sit well with me and  after the first fifteen minutes I wanted off this ride.  Maybe it's because it reminded me of American sitcoms, the ones with the phony laugh tracks.  I loathe most of them.  They get on my nerves.  That's what MtH did to me.  I don't like to bash something like that because I know they were trying for something different but for me it touched a nerve that I couldn't recover from.  It bored the piss out of me.

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