Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Christine (1983)

Director: John Carpenter

Writers: Stephen King, Bill Phillips

Composers: John Carpenter, Alan Howarth

Starring: Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul, Robert Prosky, Harry Dean Stanton, Christine Belford, Roberts Blossom, William Ostrander, Kelly Preston

More info: IMDb

Tagline:  She'll possess you. Then destroy you. She's death on wheels. She's...Christine!

Plot: High school geek Arnie Cunningham falls in love with "Christine", a bright red 1958 Plymouth Fury which has seen much better days. Setting himself the task of restoring the car to its original condition, his friends notice that the car is not the only thing that is changing. Arnie seems to spend more and more time with his car. He's also developed a sort of cocky arrogance which does not seem like the real Arnie at all.

My rating: 8/10

Will I Watch it again? Yes.

I was barely in high school when this came out and I'm about ashamed that I'm just now watching this for the first time.  Ugh.  I should forfeit my movie freak card.  I loved it.  I kind of expected it to be OK at best.  Maybe that's just me trying to justify waiting so long to see it but I really dug it.  It's well paced, acted, scored, etc.  But that car!  Wow!  It's as if it were a living, breathing actor.  One of the coolest parts was the effect of the severely beaten car reconstructing itself.  Great special effects.  I also really dig how the car manipulated and fucked with Arnie (Gordon) and anyone else that posed a threat.  What a fun picture!  Last year I saw the car used in the film.  The guy who owns it takes it to horror conventions and the like.  What's cooler is the guy lives in the next town over, just a few miles away.  It's a gorgeous car.  They don't make 'em like that anymore, that's for sure, nor does John Carpenter.  This guy had an amazing track record way back when.

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