Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BTK: The Killer Next Door (2005)

Director: ???

Starring: Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer

More info: Wikipedia

Plot: This made-for-American-TV documentary covers the general story of a serial killer who murdered from 1974-1991.

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again? Nah. There are better docs out there on this subject.

It's hard to believe a sweet-lookin' fella like that could hurt anyone, right? This short doc (43 minutes) gives you most of the major details of the case but there's just not enough time allotted to really do a story like this justice. It's also very repetitive as it was made for TV to allow for commercial breaks. I hate that shit. There is so much time wasted telling you what's coming up after the break and then re-capping shit once they're back that it can be very annoying. This one isn't that bad in that respect but there's enough to turn me off of it and seek a better one. I've watched so many of these over the past few months that I'm having to skim through them to jog my memory. Gee whiz.

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