Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979)

Director: Russ Meyer

Starring: Kitten Natividad, Ann Marie, Ken Kerr, June Mack, Patrick M. Wright, Henry Rowland, Robert E. Pearson, Michael Finn, Sharon Ceccatti, Don Scarborough, Aram Katcher, DeForest Covan, Steve Tracy, Uschi Digard, Stuart Lancaster, Candy Samples

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Tagline: Six Chicks in search of a Cluck! ...and so hilariously funny!

Plot: Believe it or not even in Smalltown USA there are still people who are unfulfilled and unrelieved in the midst of plenty. Levonna & Lamar could have the perfect relationship if it were not Lamar's obsession with rear entry. After submitting to the one last time Levonna comes up with a plan. While Lamar is trying find other tail to try his technique on, Levonna becomes Lola with aid of a wig and a Mexican accent. A Mexican cocktail later Lola finally has Lamar straight, but he wasn't awake for it. The gay marriage counselor, attracted to Lamar's problem, couldn't help them and Lemar must finally seek redemption at the church of Rio Dio Radio and the laying on of hands by Sister Eufaula Roo.

My rating: 6/10

Will I watch it again? Probably not.

I love Russ Meyer, if for no other reason, because his style is unique. I've never seen anyone else make movies like he did. The dialogue is fast and fun, there's a lot going on his films and, of course, there are the gargantuan jungle drums of his female cast. It's been a while since I saw this one and it all came rushing back to me why I didn't like this picture as much as I wanted to. Like SUPERVIXENS (1975), BENEATH suffers from being too long (even at 93 minutes!) and the music is too busy and constant. I know, I know, with a picture loaded with HH cups how did I even notice the music? I'm weird that way, I guess. While I'm at it, Ann Marie's high-pitched radio bits are hard to listen to after a couple of times and there are tons.

The big draw (hahaha) for this picture, though, is Kitten "5'3" 44DD-25-35" Natividad. I-chi-wawa! Her chichis are world class and she must have had the Michelangelo of plastic surgeons because she came from a 34B to this and they look as natural as Tura Satana wanting to have my babies.

Like a lot of Meyer's films, there's a lot of outrageous humor. He's over the top but in a way that's unlike anyone else and he gets a great performance (as always) out of Stuart Lancaster. I love that guy. He's got a great old man look and voice. I swear I'll probably make a project someday of watching all of his movies (all 29 of 'em).

You really need to see some of Meyer's pictures from the 60s and 70s. For the most part they're fun. His opus is the fantastic FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! (1965). It's definitely his finest hour (and 23 minutes). This, however, is not but it's more entertaining than a most soft core comedies of the 70s, and boy can that man make an entertaining trailer! This was Meyer's last picture.

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