Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Angels' Brigade (1979)

Director: Greydon Clark

Starring: Sylvia Anderson, Lieu Chinh, Jacqueline Cole, Liza Greer, Susan Kiger, Hoela Velasco, Jack Palance, Peter Lawford, Jim Backus, Neville Brand, Pat Buttram, Arthur Godfrey, Alan Hale Jr.

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Tagline: Seven super sexy girls take on the bad guys in an explosion of wild action, crazy stunts, and loads of laughs!

Plot: Meet six women and a teenage girl who never expected to risk their lives fighting for justice. A schoolteacher had seen one too many kids succumb to drugs. A Las Vegas entertainer learned her brother had been beaten by a drug pusher. A martial arts teacher knew how insidious drugs were among children. A top model knew that drugs were destroying her life. A stunt driver was in shock when her brother overdosed - on drugs! Add a nosy schoolgirl and a policewoman with a perm, and you've got the Angels Brigade. These women (and the girl, too) are sexy, smart - and dangerous! Just ask the right-wing militia these ladies have destroyed. But the evil fat cats pushing drugs to kids? Not even they are a match for these vengeful vixens. They just say POW! to drug pushers.

My rating: 5/10

Will I watch it again? No.

This is an average low budget action flick from the 70s but with a difference - it's got Jack Palance, Peter Lawford, Jim Backus, Neville Brand, Pat Buttram, Arthur Godfrey Alan Hale Jr.!!! I know none of them were headlining any movies (except Palance) at that time and they were all on their way out but they're still all huge names in showbusiness. How the hell did Clark get these guys in this thing? It's not like he had any mainstream films under his belt. BLACK SHAMPOO (1976)? SATAN'S CHEERLEADERS (1977)? I don't think so. Anyway, Palance owns every scene he's in and he's a lot of fun which accounts for an extra point in my score.

The acting from the girls is what you'd expect from a low budget movie like this and the same goes with the plot but it's not all that horrible. The big problem I've got with this CHARLIE'S ANGELS ripoff is that there's not a single shot of nudity. A movie like this screams for it and we get bupkiss. This isn't nearly as bad as the IMDb reviews suggest, largely because of the brief extended cameos by the folks stated above, just don't expect much in the way of exploitation and you'll have a reasonable time.

Check out Greydon Clark's YouTube channel for some low budget fun.

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