Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sing and Like It (1934)

Director: William A. Seiter

Writers: Aben Kandel, Marion Dix, Laird Doyle

Starring: Zasu Pitts, Pert Kelton, Edward Everett Horton, Nat Pendleton, Ned Sparks, Richard Carle, John Qualen, Matt McHugh, Stanley Fields, Joe Sawyer, Billy Griffith, Grace Hayle, Roy D'Arcy, Walter Brennan

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Tagline: Any girl with good strong adenoids can do the same thing!

Plot: A gangster becomes enamored with a dowdy, amateur off-key singer and tries to force a producer to put her in his Broadway production.

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again?  Yes!!!

Hilarious!  I laughed out loud A LOT!  It's funny from top to bottom.  The cast is pitch perfect, from their mugs to their line deliveries.  You need more than that, though, and that's where the snappy dialogue comes in.  OMFG are there a lot of funny lines. I recorded this off of TCM at least a decade ago and I finally got around to watching it.  It must've been the plot that sold me on taping it because I only recognize a couple of names in the cast and I don't know any of them enough to want to see their other films.  Anyway, I'm glad I did watch it because it was damn funny.  Just watching Pendleton's deadpan, dumb gangster tickled the piss out of me  It's a fun story that offers up a lot of great gags along the way and it ends very satisfactorily and with a big laugh from Pitts (her delivery and timing is beautiful).  Hunt this one down. 

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