Saturday, October 15, 2016

Iced (1988)

Director: Jeff Kwitny

Writer: Joseph Alan Johnson

Composer: Dan Milner

Starring: Debra De Liso, Dough Stevenson, Ron Kologie, Elizabeth Gorcey, John C. Cooke, Joseph Alan Johnson, Dan Smith, Michael Picardi, Lisa Loring, Sharon Bingham, Mark Turner, Rodney Montague

More info: IMDb

Tagline: A downhill vacation becomes a nightmare of terror.  Get off the hill before you get...ICED

Plot: A group of childhood friends are invited to the opening of a posh ski resort, unaware that an old nemesis has murderous plans in mind for them.

My rating:  5.5/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

This has what you'd expect from an 80s slasher picture.  There are some kills but they don't start until an hour in (or at least that's when the body count starts to rise).  I think there was one kill early on but it almost doesn't count since you will have probably forgotten about it when the blood hits the fan.  The music has its moments but the low budget trappings of a below average synthesizer score are there.  The best of it, the cue during Trina's frantic run near the end (where she discovers the bodies one by one) is outstanding.  Really. That track gets used again when the killer is after her.  It's performed by an orchestra and it sounds like the composer was influenced by John Williams so it makes me think that it came from a different composer.  All of the nudity is courtesy of Lisa Loring.

Gig-git-y!  She's best remembered for playing Wednesday in THE ADDAMS FAMILY (1964).  The kills are just OK.  The icicle was my favorite.  They aren't all THAT fun and there's little gore.  Besides seeing Wednesday's all grown up cans, the only thing that's great about this is the last scene with the snowman.  THAT was cool as shit.  Other than that, there's no good reason to see this minor 80s slasher.  If anyone has any info on the music from this, please let me know.  Had the entire score been as good as that one cue, this would've been a better picture.

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