Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Search and Destroy (1979)

Director: William Fruet

Writer: Don Enright

Composers: Martin Deller, Cameron Hawkins, Ben Mink

Starring: Perry King, Don Stroud, Tisa Farrow, George Kennedy, Tony Sheer, Phil Aikin, Rummy Bishop, Daniel Buccos, Rob Garrison, John Kerry, Geza Kovacs, Bill Starr, Kirk McOll, Jong Soo Park

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Tagline: Five lives... Ten years... And a Million Tons of Thundering Suspense!

Plot: The members of a Vietnam veteran's old Army unit start turning up murdered. The police soon begin to suspect that he is in fact the killer. He knows he isn't, and must find the real killer in order to clear his name. He soon realizes, however, that the real killer is now hunting him.

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

I really like the premise.  It's different enough to be fun and interesting.  The score is really good, too, in that Tangerine Dream sort of way.  The fight scene with Buddy (Stroud) and The Assassin (Park) is really nice and it feels real plus you've got the cool backdrop of a different section of Niagara Falls that we're not used to seeing.  And that's another plus, the location of the falls itself.  The wooded area also provides a nice setting for the big finale as to equate to the jungles of Vietnam.  The pacing works well enough to keep from getting tired or bored.  Overall, it's a good flick and worth a look, and one that I'd never heard of...until I did.

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