Sunday, October 9, 2016

Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion (1972)

Original title: Joshu 701-go: Sasori

Director: Shun'ya Ito

Writers: Fumio Konami, Hiro Matsuda, Tooru Shinohara

Composer: Shunsuke Kikuchi

Starring: Meiko Kaji, Rie Yokoyama, Yayoi Watanabe, Yoko Mihara, Akemi Negishi, Keiko Kuni, Yumiko Katayama, Emi Jo, Sue Mitobe, Chie Kobayashi

More info: IMDb

Plot: After being used and betrayed by the detective she had fallen in love with, young Matsu is sent to a female prison full of sadistic guards and disobedient prisoners.

My rating: 7.5/10

Will I watch it again?  Yes!

I loves me some Pinky Violence movies and this is one of the better ones.  Big time Pinky star Meiko Kaji stars in this PV pic that gives you everything you want that this genre has to offer...lots of nudity, cruelty, action and revenge for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And that's just during the opening credits!  These films, while relatively few, are a gas to watch.  They're generally well made and have a great sense of style with not only the production design but with the camerawork.  And almost always the music scores are a blast! I haven't seen this series (there are four of them) in a very long time so it was nice to revisit the first one again.  It's such a unique and fun genre and it's hard not to like these pictures.

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