Friday, October 14, 2016

Cathy's Curse (1977)

Director: Eddy Matalon

Writers: Myra Clement, Eddy Matalon, Alain Sens-Cazenave

Composer: Didier Vasseur

Starring: Alan Scarfe, Beverly Murray, Randi Allen, Dorothy Davis, Mary Morter, Roy Witham, Bryce Allen, Sonny Forbes

More info: IMDb

Tagline: She has the terrorize.

Plot: A young girl is possessed by the spirit of her dead aunt, who died in a car accident. Soon members of her family begin to mysteriously die off.

My rating: 4/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

This French/Canadian horror flick looks like it was quick to jump onto THE OMEN (1976) bandwagon.  And, like most films that rush to capitalize on highly successful films, this one's poor.  It's a girl this time out and she's possessed by her father's long-since-dead aunt or something.  There are a lot of similarities to THE OMEN that make comparisons all the more obvious and justified.  The acting is weak.  Some of Beverly Murray's line deliveries are almost laughably bad.  She didn't have much of a film career, having been in only 14 movies.  You might remember her as "Crazy Woman" from THE CARPENTER (1988) or her last role, "Insane Woman" in SLEEPING DOGS LIE (1998) (I'm not joking, folks).  If you've seen THE OMEN then this entire film is as predictable as breathing.  I honestly can't find anything that's interesting or enjoyable in this film.  

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