Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jungle Girl and the Slaver (1957)

Original title: Liane, die weisse Sklavin
AKA: Nature Girl and the Slaver

Director: Hermann Leitner

Writers: Anne Day-Helveg, Ernst von Salomon, Thomas Fough

Composer: Erwin Halletz

Starring: Marion Michael, Adrian Hoven, Friedrich Joloff, Rik Battaglia, Rolf von Nauckoff, Marisa Merlini, Saro Urzi, Lei Ilima, Edward Tierney, Rainer Penkert, Nerio Bernardi, Jean Pierre Fay, Hardy Kruger

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Tagline: Her untouched beauty set off a blazing desert war!

Plot: Liane, the white jungle goddess, encounters some of her rich relatives from Hamburg who have come to search for her, but she is soon kidnapped by a ring of slave traders.

My rating: 4/10

Will I watch it again? No.

Here's a yawner of a jungle tale only we're out of the jungle and into the Middle East in two shakes of a monkey's tail...just like its predecessor.  This is the sequel to LIANE, JUNGLE GODDESS (1956) and for some reason the English dub has everyone calling her Diana.  Why they can't make a damn picture like this that takes place entirely in the jungle is beyond me.

Say, is that native in blackface?

Yup.  Wow!

Naturally Liane/Diana is out of her element when removed from the jungle and she can't defend herself so she needs a man to do all of the saving for her.  She gets kidnapped by the bad guys only to be rescued by Frank (Hoven) in literally the final 10 seconds of the picture at which time the music swells and the end credits roll.  This was pretty dull stuff.  At least the first one had Liane naked when she was in the jungle.  Fortunately this franchise ended here.

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