Friday, January 24, 2014

Sundance Film Festival 2014 Day 4

Fuck! I've now got a cold and the Sudafed isn't working.  It's 11 PM and I FINALLY got back to the house after seeing KILLERS (2014), a pretty damn good (but overlong) Indonesian serial killer flick that ended shortly after 8.  I waited an hour an a half for my ride at a pub, eating mediocre fried trout and drinking tasty beer.  I was going to see WETLANDS (2014), a flick about some very active vaginas, at midnight but I'm too beat to go now.  After this I'm hittin' the sack.  Earlier today I caught LOW DOWN (2014) which was great.  The review for that is already up.  I have no idea what I'm going to have tickets for tomorrow (Friday).  Just three more days before it's all over and I head back home.  So far I've been very impressed by the quality of films.  I know I've only seen six but there hasn't been a bad one in the bunch.  One last thing, the awards ceremony ended about an hour ago for Slamdance and COPENHAGEN (2013) won the Audience Award for Narrative Feature.  I'm very pleased to hear that.  It's the best film I've seen out here so far.

Hopefully I'll have lots to carry on about tomorrow.  I'll at least have something written up about KILLERS. 

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