Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sundance Film Festival 2014 Day 1

After a lousy, butt-destroying flight into Salt Lake City, I settled into my digs, the challet Casa Nova (I know, right?) it was time for my first film, RUDDERLESS (2014) directed by William H. Macy (I'm holding my review for a couple of days since it was a sneak preview prior to the premiere and there are no reviews online as of this writing).  It was fantastic and it's the kind of small, intimate picture that this film festival thrives on.

Then it's back to Casa Nova for a huge ass freakin' party with Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon, stars of THE TRIP TO ITALY (2014), a film that I'm super excited to see.  It's a feature length film based on their UK series.  These guys are hilarious and it was a treat to see them.  Unfortunately the place was wall to wall people packed in like sardines so getting to meet them, much less get a photo with them, was near impossible but I did brush by them (ooooooooh).  Here's a classic bit from their TV show that slays me every time.

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