Thursday, January 9, 2014

Moonshiner's Woman (1968)

Director: Donn Davison

Writer: Donn Davison

Composer: stock library music

Starring: Donn Davison, Linda Lee, Roy Huston, Bill Crisp

More info: IMDb


Plot: Claude, a Tennessee moonshiner has been holding out on Jarvis, a big-city gangster, so Jarvis kills Claude and takes his woman, Lorilee, back to the high city with him, and promises her fancy clothes, money and fame for working at his nightclub. After she gets a new hairdo, Jarvis takes her to Datona to see the motorcycle races. There she begins to fall for Litch, a Jarvis henchman. Back home, wherever that is, she meets Rachel, a hippie, and gets high on pot and L.S.D., and decides to go find Mitch and strengthen their relationship. Jarvis breaks in and finds them in a very strong relationship and he objects and he kills Mitch to display just how strong his objections are. He beats up Lorilee to also show her much he is displeased and then takes her to a new place he is setting up. There she meets Sharon, who informs her she is Jarvis' girlfriend and this is followed by a heated discussion which Lorilee wins when she kills Sharon. You know who is going to get it next.

My rating: 4/10

Will I watch it again? Jesus, no.

SWEET!  I'm watching the flick and the first male voice I hear sounds REALLY familiar.  I know it as this guy...

...but I never bothered to find out his name. Well, it's Donn Davison and he wrote, directed and starred in this horribly made film.  He only directed three films and one of them, HONEY BRITCHES (1971), I watched just a few days ago not knowing he was the guy behind it.  This one looks like it was shot on 16mm with no sound. There's some peppy narration throughout with the occasional dubbed dialogue.  There's a lot of filler to stretch this out to an hour like a drive downtown Daytona Beach, FL.  Because the dialogue was added after filming you don't get a sense at how bad the actors are but I'm certain they were terrible.  The music doesn't fit but that's part of the charm.  It's pretty wacky with ineptness but it does get old fast.  The ending is silly as shit as you find out the narrator turns out to be the truck Lorilee (Linda Lee) drives away in after killing Jarvis (Davison).  That's right, the film was narrated by a cargo truck.  That alone gets an extra point in the score.  It is dull but it was fun seeing a guy whose face I'd seen a zillion times in the past twenty years on tons of exploitation trailers and movies.  Shockingly, there's not an ounce of nudity.  That would have gone a long way in helping this picture.  The rest of the 2-hour disc is padded with several fantastic nudie loops from the 1920s and 30s. I love that stuff.

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