Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sundance Film Festival 2014 Day 6

It looked like another long day stuck at the house until I got the call that I was going to the awards ceremony hosted by Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally!!!  They were fucking hilarious and raunchy.  They sang a song about Sundance called, "Weed and Pussy".  Classic.  They talked a lot about their sex life, having sex while watching independent films and that Megan's vagina is named, Robert Redford's Face.  Nick and Megan are married, see.  They were loads of fun.  Once it got started the ceremony moved along quickly.  Afterward I got my hands on what I call the Sexy Pass.  It's a pass that gets you into any film without a ticket AND you get to bypass the long ticket line and get to the front of the line.  SWEET!!!  It's too bad I didn't have this a few days ago.  I would have made 4 movies a day, easy.  By the time the ceremony was over there was only time for one film and that was the midnight showing of YOUNG ONES, a futuristic flick starring the always amazing, Michael Shannon.  Tomorrow (Sunday) I've got three more flicks lined up for the final day of the festival. Oh, and it turns out I don't have a cold but have altitude sickness and the asprin I've been taking today did the trick.  I'm feeling better but not quite 100%.  It's a start.

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