Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Good Old Naughty Days (2002)

Directors: Cecile Babiole & Michel Reihac

Writers: Pascal Greggory, Michel Reihac, Sebastian Marnier, Chris Nortier

Composer: Eric Le Guen

Starring: Dudes and chicks getting it on that have long since died so there's no way you're going to be able to get their autographs to complete your 'Salad Days of Porn' scrapbook.

More info: IMDb

Tagline: expose of pornography in the roaring 20's

Plot: This is a series of 11 short movies dating from 1905 through 1930, compiled by Michel Reilhac. These movies were the first adult movies and most of them were made in order to explain how sex works to unexperimented young men before their first relation with a prostitute.

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again? Maybe.

I stumbled across this a few months ago when I was preparing for the big Nunsploitation project which had me scour the world for every film in that genre.  Two of the short films in this compilation fit the bill (see MR. ABBOTT BITT AT THE CONVENT (1925) and HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (1920)) and therefore will be reviewed separately in the coming days complete with shiny new pictures for your wallet. 

It starts out innocently enough (this is the 1905 film, the rest are post-1920)...

And we're off! (cue the Lone Ranger Theme)

Some of these even have a budget for costumes to whisk you away to a bawdier time.

What's the French word for pickle?

Ahhhh, France.

'Twas a much simpler time then.

Two girls, one guy...

Just two girls...

Let's get the peeping Tom in on the action.  Two guys on two girls...

Fuck it.  We're in France.  Two girls on each other and two guys on each other...

Have a seat, ladies!

Tea time.

For most people this is nothing more than a curiosity, a glimpse into what got Great Grampa off after the Great War.  But what's interesting is that this is loaded with examples of early porn, showing that it wasn't something that started to make it's way into back rooms in the 1960s and into the cinemas in the 1970s.  It was being done fifty years earlier.  Bestiality?  It's in there (see my upcoming Nunsploitation post, HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (1920) for some dog-on-nun action) and so are a lot of other fetishes that have existed long before any of us were born.  Another neat thing is how much porn hasn't changed.  There are lots of porno film conventions that are still being used today (camera shots, etc).  Over the years I've come across lots of vintage porn and I find them interesting to watch on both a historical level and as a fan of all manner of film. It's not for everyone, but then what is?

Spanking nuns, that's what!

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