Monday, September 30, 2013

Money from Home (1953)

Director: George Marshall

Writers: Hal Kanter, James B. Allardice, Damon Runyon

Composer: Leigh Harline

Starring: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Marjie Millar, Pat Crowley, Richard Haydn, Robert Strauss, Gerald Mohr, Sheldon Leonard, Romo Vincent, Jack Kruschen

More info: IMDb

Plot: Herman owes a lot of gambling debts. To pay them off, he promises the mob he'll fix a horse, so that it does not run. He intends to trick his animal-loving cousin, Virgil, an apprentice veterinarian, into helping him. Of course, he doesn't tell Virgil what he is really up to. Mistaken identities are assumed, while along the way, Virgil meets a female vet and Herman falls for the owner of the horse. Goons and mobsters are also lurking around; so beware!

My rating: 7.5/10

Will I watch it again? Yes.

Did I see their best film?  I don't know why Martin & Lewis movies get shit on all the time.  I loved it.   I laughed my ass off.  To be fair, though, I did see this in a theater and in its original 3D presentation which was fantastic.  The 3D was outstanding (it was one of two 3D movies shot in three-strip Technicolor).  Did the depth add to the story?  No but it was cool as shit.  Dean Martin is all kinds of cool rolled up into one smooth package.  He's great.  And Jerry Lewis (yes, he's really silly) is hilarious.  I sat in awe watching him, bigger than life on that giant screen, as he masterfully works his magic.  Look, say what you will about Lewis but the man was a master craftsman in comedy.  I paid particular attention to his movements and his timing is stunning.  The scene where he's pulling a Cyrano de Bergerac with Martin, singing to Martin's girl to woo her back is stupendously funny. After the film, actress Pat Crowley (now in her 80s) spoke about her experience and did a Q&A.  The performances are even more impressive when you discover that most every scene is the first take.  Wow.  Try doing that today and see what happens.  Do you appreciate M&L more now?  I do.

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