Monday, March 18, 2013

The Muthers (1968)

Director: Donald A. Davis

Starring: Marsha Jordan, Kathy Williams, Virginia Gordon, Linda O'Bryant, Anita Cameo, Victoria Blond, Jim Fields, Paul Austin, Peter Cameron

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Tagline: The Muthers is only for the mature adult who understands.

Plot: While their husbands are at work, bored suburban housewives hang out at the Pink Swan bar, trolling for local studs, while their teen daughters smoke pot at pool parties.

My rating: 6/10

Will I watch it again? Nah.

There are two reasons you need to see this picture - 1) the groovy score and 2) TONS of great looking naked broads!  The music is really fun.  It's simple, repetitive as hell and the two main tunes are used a lot but it's really groovy.  The chicks are hot, too.  The story is pretty simple but it's just an excuse to get girls naked (and a pretty good one at that).  I love low budget fun shit like this.  It's an OK movie that benefits from its 73 minute run time.  But if gratuitous nudity for nudity's sake isn't your bag, it's probably not for you. 

I'd add a third reason to watch this and that's for Kathy Williams.  I love this chick.  Of everything I've seen her in she's the worst actor of the lot...and she's GREAT! I mean she's TERRIBLE!  Surprisingly she's the only chick in this flick that doesn't take her clothes off. 


 It's surprising because she's no stranger to acting naked (and badly) in front of a camera.  I should know, I've seen a few of her films.  If you've seen her in any of her 19 movies you know what you're getting with her in this one (except, of course, her showing off the girls).

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