Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FDR: American Badass! (2012)

Director: Garrett Brawith

Starring: Barry Bostwick, Lin Shaye, Bruce McGill, Ray Wise, Kevin Sorbo, William Mapother, Paul Ben-Victor, Ken Lynn Pratt, Ross Patterson, Deon Richmond

More info: IMDb

Tagline: What has two wheels and kills wherewolves? ...This guy.

Plot: In this tongue-in-cheek, fantasy based historical action thriller, Depression-era president Franklin Delano Roosevelt is bitten by a werewolf, infecting the commander in chief with polio - and a passion for ending World War II, and the Nazi wolf-men that threaten freedom everywhere.

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again?  In a heartbeat.

OMFG!  OMFG!  OMFG!  This is fucking hilarious.  I caught the trailer last year and it floored me.  It was so outrageous that it looked like it could have been trailer for a fake movie.  It was loaded with great lines, gags and stupendously funny performances.  Then I watched the picture on Netflix streaming and about pissed myself with laughter.  I had the pals over and we all were screaming with laughter throughout the entire movie.  Barry Bostwick is friggin' hilarious.  He brings a lot of energy to FDR and the supporting cast does a great job as well.  I've only got two gripes.  The big one is the underdevelopment of the big three bad guys, Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito.  They're werewolves (which was only funny the first time you saw them - after that it was 'here we go again') and they don't do much.  They could have been so much more than one-joke characters.  That's the major bitch.  The minor one is it would have been neat to have at least one more scene with FDR involved in some action.  Outside of that, it's one hell of a funny picture and the DVD is on the way this week from Amazon.  After seeing it, this was a no-brainer of a purchase.  I hope there are lots of extras.  Director Garrett Brawith did such a great job I'm going have to check out his only other directorial credit, POOLBOY: DROWNING OUT THE FURY (2011).

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