Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

Director: Arthur Penn

Starring: Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, Michael J. Pollard, Gene Hackman, Estelle Parsons, Denver Pyle, Dub Taylor, Evans Evans, Gene Wilder

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Tagline: They're young... they're in love... and they kill people.

Plot: Bonnie Parker is bored with life and wants a change. She gets her chance when she meets a charming young drifter by the name of Clyde Barrow. Clyde has dreams of a life of crime that will free him from the hardships of the Depression. The two fall in love and begin a crime spree that extends from Oklahoma to Texas. They rob small banks with skill and panache, soon becoming minor celebrities known across the country. People are proud to have been held up by Bonnie and Clyde; to their victims, the duo is doing what nobody else has the guts to do. To the law, the two are evil bank robbers who deserve to be gunned down where they stand.

My rating: 9/10

Will I watch it again? duh.

Great flick.  Don't watch it for a large amount of accuracy because from what I heard, they stray from the facts and often.  I'll know soon enough.  I just ordered Jeff Guinn's book, GO DOWN TOGETHER: THE TRUE, UNTOLD STORY OF BONNIE AND CLYDE, which I hear is pretty definitive.  Anyway, I'm not going to get into what's right and what's not.  This movie kicks ass.  I really dig the look of the film, not to mention the wonderful performances, style, cinematography, script, violence, etc.  One small contention I have is when the gang picks up Gene Wilder.  I LOVE Wilder but let's face it, he's over the top here.  While I like seeing him, I could do without the comedy. It felt out of place.  The shootout at the end is off the charts awesome!  And that half minute of silence that follows is golden.  The only other Depression-era gangster like this that comes close is the fantastic DILLINGER (1973) with Warren Oates, written & directed by John Millius.  I'd pay a pretty penny to see these two as a double bill on the big screen.  And can you imagine how amazing it would be to see them back to back at a drive-in?  I'm going to go masturbate now.

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  1. With "Godfellas" and "Carlito's way" my favorite gangster movie.