Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stalag 69 (1982)

Director: Selrahc Detrevrep

Starring: Angelique Pettyjohn, Dorothy LeMay, Nadra, Mary Lou Angie, Madge Gande

More info: IMDb

Plot: 3 Allied agents (1 bearded male, 2 females in fatigues) parachute into North Africa and land in the middle of a desert Nazi installation and are taken prisoner for some S&M and hardcore sex fun and games.

My rating: 2

Will I watch it again? No.

Welp, I think this is it. This is the worst Nazisploitation flick of them all and it couldn't have come at a worse time...near the end of my fucked up quest to watch every Nazisploitation flick out there in the span of a month. Ugh. And there's still two more to go.

It's painfully obvious that STALAG 69 is a mishmash of at least three Nazi-themed porn films shot on video. What's worse is that they're all REALLY bad. The music is horrible, the acting is worse and the sex scenes will put you to sleep. This one stinks on ice. It's like this...when a Nazi interrogator goes to put this chick in chains (above pic), it takes several minutes because he doesn't seem to know what he's doing. Yeah, it sounds hilarious until you start watching it. The only thing I found amusing was that he was doing it in full uniform sans pants.

The ONLY thing that may interest anyone is that the last part of the flick features Angelique Pettyjohn as the sadistic Nazi bitch from hell.

Who is she? Maybe this'll jog your memory...

Nice space cans. Outside of that curiosity, this is 88 minutes of pure dumb. It's inept in every way and an embarrassment to everyone involved. It's shit like this that makes me rethink my life...if only for a total of 88 minutes.


  1. Could it be, that the director of this Film (Selrahc Detrevrep = "Perverted Charles") is the good ol' Charles Nizet?

    The role of Cpt. Gregg was played by a guy who was also seen in "The Ravager" and "Rescue Force". There was a lot of Dynamite Explosions in it and it seems to be played in the Desert of Nevada.

    1. Sounds possible to me. IMDb has very little info regarding the credits and who played what.