Sunday, March 6, 2011

SS Experiment Love Camp (1976)

Director: Sergio Garrone

Starring: Mirhca Carven, Paola Crazzi, Giorgio Cerioni, Giovanna Mainardi

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Tagline: Sex experiments in pursuit of a better tomorrow!

Plot: Female inmates in a secret Nazi concentration camp are subjected to sadistic experiments in this disturbing World War II film. To achieve their aim of perfecting the Aryan race, Nazi leaders force women prisoners to mate with German soldiers and put them through cruel sexual tests. But after Sgt. Kruber (who falls for a lovely French detainee) is ordered to take part in a vile operation, he helps the ladies get revenge on their tormentors.

SS Experiment Love Camp (1976) by bmoviebabe

My rating: 4/10

Will I watch it again? Nein.

This slice of Nazisploitation starts off with a bang with torturing naked women in order to get them to swear their allegiance to Hitler. A couple more zaps in the electric chair and they're tossed into a furnace for disposal where they surprising come alive with some interpretive dance or something. That's the start of the picture. The rest of it is all downhill from there.

It's too bad they couldn't keep that level of awesomeness up for the remaining 90 minutes. That would have been something. Not that there aren't nice moments of everything you would expect in this kind of movie. There's plenty of nudity and violence. The experiments are purely scientific and really only involve the "political prisoners" (that's what they're referred to instead of Jews) sleeping with German soldiers and having their uterus's swapped with another girl's. That's different than what we've seen before.

Vasili Kojoucharov & Roberto Pregadio's synth/organ score was weak, very weak. It doesn't help the stretches of dullness like the frequent scenes of the soldiers in their barracks talking about this and that. I could've done without most of those. This is another one of those films that could use a good 15-20 minutes of scenes excised to punch up the fun. I can't see ever watching this again. By the time the climax arrived, I just didn't care anymore.

The storyline of the head doctor wanting a testicle transplant was such a let down that they should've tried for something different. A penis transplant would have been more exciting as long as they didn't play it for laughs. They could have worked in some sick and twisted psychological angle that would have made his character and this movie more sadistic...and more fun.

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