Tuesday, April 26, 2016

U.S. Marshals (1998)

Director: Stuart Baird

Writers: Roy Huggins, John Pogue

Composer: Jerry Goldsmith

Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, Robert Downey Jr., Joe Pantoliano, Daniel Roebuck, Tom Wood, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Irene Jacob, Kate Nelligan, Patrick Malahide, Rick Snyder

More info: IMDb

Tagline:  The cop who won't stop is back. But this time he's chasing down a lot more than a fugitive.

Plot:  US Marshal Samuel Gerard (Jones) and his team of Marshals are assigned to track down Sheridan (Snipes), a murderer and robber.

My rating: 7/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

No a bad film.  It succeeds due in large part to the great cast and it's a blast spending more time with the characters we got to love in THE FUGITIVE (1993).  While there's nothing all that special about the movie, the cast does a fine job, Goldmsith's got a pulse-pounding score, the action is good (and there's a lot of it) and the pacing is pretty damn brisk.  And there's some nice deception going on that pays off a bit in the end.  It's been ages since I saw THE FUGITIVE and I definitely like it better than this follow-up (thanks to Jones and Ford) but for a cash grab, this is worth a watch and it was handled much better than you'd think even though this plot has long since been a cliche that's been done to pieces in the past twenty years.  But if it's good, it's good and who gives a rat's ass, right?   The Warner Bros. DVD has a good anamorphic widescreen image and it's got a crapload of extras. 

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