Sunday, April 3, 2016

Naked Violence (1969)

Original title: I Ragazzi del Massacro

Director: Fernando Di Leo

Writers: Ernesto Gastaldi, Fernando Di Leo, Nino Latino, Andrea Maggiore, Marino Onorati, Giorgio Scerbanenco

Composer: Silvano Spadaccino

Starring: Pier Paolo Capponi, Nieves Navarro, Marzio Margine, Renato Lupi, Enzo Liberti, Giuliano Manetti, Danika La Loggia

More info: IMDb

Plot:  Some youngsters kill their teacher; but they won't tell their motivation. The police detective on the case feels some sinister influence behind the young murderers.

My rating: 7/10

Will I watch it again?  Maybe.

If you start watching this, do yourself a favor and make it to the end.  The first long stretch is a slog because it's nothing but the interrogation of the students that seems to go nowhere.  The persistence of the detective, Duca (Capponi), pays off eventually but it's at the end of the film.  The performances are quite good and the English dubbing is better than usual.  I had my suspicions of who the culprit might've been but I was wrong (thankfully).  It's more of a crime thriller/whodunit with little action but it's a worthwhile watch.  The Raro Video Blu-ray I have is part of the Fernando Di Leo Italian Crime Collection Vol. 2 and the image looks great.  There are a couple of extras, one a short documentary on the film with some nice interviews of those who worked on the picture, and the other is a short piece on Di Leo's popularity in France (or previous lack of) with interviews from people involved with a film festival.  The latter isn't particularly interesting but it's nice to have been included. 

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