Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Brick Dollhouse (1967)

Director: Tony Martinez

Writer: Joe Delg

Composer: Bal Len

Starring: Tina Vienna, Janice Kelly, Peggy Ann, Joyana, Helena Clayton, George French, Carolyn Malborough, Frankie O'Brien, Steve Powers, Federico Steward

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Tagline: Tormented by burning desire!

Plot: Min Lee, an attractive fashion model, is found murdered in her house which she shares with five other models. Lt. Parker is called to investigate the killing and during interrogation of each of Min Lee's roommates, Danielle, Carmen, Sherry, Linda, and Sandy, give their own version of events and the debauched orgies they hold on a daily basis in their home.

My rating: 5/10

Will I watch it again?   Doubtful.

I just love the creativity that it takes to come up with plots that justify gratuitous nudity.  This one has the roommates of a murdered girl giving their accounts to a detective on the last time they saw her alive. 

This girl takes a shower...

does her hair and makeup...

gets dressed...

wait, not that outfit, maybe this one...

That sequence took 6 minutes.  But that's only the beginning to her story.  It was a heck of a party.

So what happened after the party? 

That's it. She changed into her jammies and went to sleep.  Now it's time for another girl's story.

It's a happening party where folks get real friendly like.

This guy gets too friendly with a girl who thinks he's creepy as shit.  Hmmmmm. 

Hey, lookie!  Spin the bottle!!!

The belly dancer was fantastic!  Really, she was the best part of the picture.

Another girl tells of another party

The detective has solved the case without filling us in...

The murderer is caught and we're introduced to the newest member of the sorority. What, there was a murdered girl?  We've moved on.

The end.  It's 55 minutes of gratuitous nudity, some fantastic belly dancing and some laughs and groans.  This was made to show naked women and for that, it succeeds in spades.  It's also got a light hearted murder mystery but that's not why you watch it.  This is one of the three exploitation films on a great Something Weird Video DVD that includes a commentary on one film plus some great trailers and exploitation art. 

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