Sunday, April 27, 2014

Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978)

Original title: Se Ying diu Sau

Director: Yuen Woo-Ping

Writers: Shiao Loong, Ng See-Yuen, Hsi Chi Yuan, Hsi Hua An, Tsai Chi-Kuang

Composer: Chou Fu Liang

Starring: Jackie Chan, Siu Tin Yuen, Jang Lee Hwang, Dean Shek, Roy Horan, Hark-On Fung, Lung Chan

More info: IMDb

Plot: Everyone abuses and humiliates a downtrodden orphan (Chan) until he befriends an old man, who turns out to be the last master of the "snake fist" fighting style. Jackie becomes the old man's student and finds himself in battle with the master of the "eagle's claw" style, who has vowed to destroy the snake fist clan.

My rating: 7.5/10

Will I watch it again? Yeah.

I love Jackie Chan and I love that he starred in a lot of chop socky flicks in the 70s.  It's fun watching him work before he became becoming a household name in the early 90s.  This one's all kinds of fun but be warned, Jackie is picked on and gets his ass handed to him several times in the first half of the film.  It's hard to watch him lose a fight and with such shame.  But, when he starts kicking ass he's one bad mutha. 

The fight at the end is a must-see.  Even in his early films it's nice to see he was loaded with talent and charisma even then.

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