Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bunny Yeager's Nude Las Vegas (1964)

Director: Barry Mahon

Writer: Vernon Marsh

Composer: Henri Woode

Starring: Bunny Yeager, Bud Irwin, Peggy Pepper, Moe McEndree, Al Ruban, Veronique, Dodie Fields, Marya Linero, Darlene Myrick, Jackie Norris, Gloria Linero, Shelby Young, Pat Farmer, Barbara Pardini, Henry Thomas

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Tagline: You Are There ... Seeing It All!!

Plot: Platinum blonde Bunny and hubby Bud take a vacation in Vegas. As Bunny’s rolling the dice, she’s interrupted by Peggy, a friend from Miami, who asks Bunny to loan her a thousand bucks. Seems Peggy lost a cool G in gambling and needs the cash before her husband, Jack, returns. But Bunny has a better idea. Promising to photograph her doing “natural things,” Bunny will get Peggy a thousand dollar advance from a nudie magazine if Peggy will pose in the altogether for some “intimate and alluring glamour shots.” But there’s a catch: the magazine agrees only on condition that Miss Yeager also shoot a Las Vegas pictorial complete with local girls in the buff. Well, before you can say, “nudie cutie,” busy Bunny’s out recruiting girls with the fervor of a cult leader while sleazeball sidekick Charlie lines up locations, and Bud just sort of... well... hangs around. Soon, the girls are strippin’ and Bunny’s shootin’ and a Las Vegas travelogue quickly turns into a boobathon.

My rating: 5.5/10

Will I watch it again? No.

If you've never seen any of Bunny Yeager's stunning photography just Google it.  She definitely had an eye for it.  She's iconic in the realms of nude photography from the 50s and 60s.  Her work with Bettie Page is legendary.  This film is just an excuse to see girls topless, not that you need an excuse.  We get lots of that...

But what I really enjoyed were the shots of Las Vegas from fifty years ago.  I would love to have been there during the days of the Rat Pack, you know, back when Vegas was for adults and not all Disneylanded up like it's been for the past twenty plus years.

Hahaha.  Low budget fake casino interiors are horrible.

Yeah, there's a story, some bad acting, horrible line readings and blandly composed shots but really, do we care, I mean should we care if we're watching a movie called BUNNY YEAGER'S NUDE LAS VEGAS?  No, we don't.  It's OK and borderline dull.  I liked the eye candy of the girls but mostly I dug the vintage Vegas street scenes.  I know, I'm weird. 

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