Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine (1966)

Director: Byron Mabe

Writer: David F. Friedman

Composer: Mark Wayne

Starring: Stacey Walker, Sam Melville, Bob Todd, Sharon Carr, Michael Wright, Michael O'Kelly, Larry Jones, Linda Gearhart, Tom Hughes, Tom Dolbey, Et Cetra, David F. Friedman, Myron Griffin, Ken Shapiro

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Tagline: There is an expression for girls like her ------ You see it scrawled on walls....!

Plot: Sharon is a young office worker who sexually teases, seduces and then cries 'rape' on various men just to see them emotionally suffer for her own man-hating, twisted amusement leading to one lovestruck boyfriend being sent to prison, the financial ruin of another, and the meltdown and death of a third victim. Sharon even teases her lesbian roommate, Paula, by come-ons and then brushing her off. But eventually, Sharon meets her match.

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again? Maybe.


If you've seen any Something Weird Video releases, you'll instantly recognize this...

Even though I've never seen this picture before, it suddenly hit me just before that moment happens in the film (I've seen the SWV opener a gazillion times) I found myself repeating that line as she said.  It's a great line and a great scene.  Sharon (Walker, sporting a strange-ass hairdo) is a real bitch.  This film is aptly titled. She's the queen of cock-tease and she plays it to the hilt.

She fucks with the dudes and the chicks.  She even falls in love with one guy, they go on several dates, and like always, she initiates it and as soon as the guy gets too close, she freaks the fuck out.  One of her victims is so sexually frustrated that he rapes a girl

Then she meets a guy that can't sing and it's the beginning of the end for Sharon's antics.

After a much too long dance sequence she starts into her making out routine, only this time he ain't buyin' what she's sellin' and gives her the old what fer.

And apparently that's all it takes to turn her out and work the streets.  I guess he doesn't have to be all that good a singer.

A lot of these SWV releases aren't as solidly entertaining as you'd like but this one's got a great character in Sharon.  She's just despicable so when she gets her just deserts in the end, you're satisfied, which is strange rooting for the asshole who gives it to her.  She's a real bitch, though, even though she'll never be a butch.

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