Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gold of the Amazon Women (1979)

Director: Mark L. Lester

Starring: Bo Svenson, Anita Ekberg, Donald Pleasence, Richard Romanus, Bob Minor, Maggie Jean Smith

More info: IMDb

Plot: An adventurer searches for the fabled Golden Cities of El Dorado and allies himself with a tribe of Amazon women against a murderous villain who is also after the treasure.

My rating: 5.5/10

Will I watch it again? Nope.

It's only a few minutes in when you understand the tone of the film. It's campy and the film makers know it.

Bo Svenson does a pretty good job with the material but he's mostly phoning it in. It's a paycheck film. For a while I thought this was a RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981) clone but then I saw this TV movie pre-dates RAIDERS by a couple of years.

It looks like Anita Ekberg has put on a few pounds and decided to slum it...

But then there's this actress...

I wonder why we haven't seen her in more movies. Hmmm. She has a lovely smile.

Speaking of picking up a paycheck, Donald Pleasance is doing it for the money and a chance to hang around young girls in the jungle. Even though he's slumming it he's hamming it up and having a good time. What an easy gig this must have been for everyone involved. I was surprised that this was made for TV. The look and feel of it, while definitely low budget, seemed like it was a full-on Italian adventure flick. GotAW is dumb and disposable but it's not a complete waste of time, just a partial one. You can always do better but you could also do a hell of a lot worse.

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