Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie (2003)

Director: C.B. Harding

Starring: Jeff Foxworthy, Bil Engvall, Ron White, Larry the Cable Guy

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Tagline: Like it or not, they're just like you.

Plot: In the summer of 2002, monster crowds lined up to see four headliners -- Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White -- do what they do best: make people laugh with a Southern-fried twist. Even better, producers caught everything on their cameras, resulting in this fascinating concert film and behind-the-scenes documentary that's sure to become a classic among fans of all four comedians.

My rating: 7/10

Will I watch it again? Nah.

#6 on Stand-up Comedy Month, May 2012

Each comedian gets about 15 minutes of stand-up with some on-the-street comedy bits with them going to the mall, fishing, going to the spa, etc. Those bits were hit and miss and you could tell most of it was scripted but that's OK. They're likable enough to get some laughs out of me. I came for the stand-up routines. Ron White was first and of the four, he's my favorite. With only about 15 minutes to work with he didn't have much that I hadn't heard but that doesn't matter 'cause he's hilarious. Larry was next. I don't get the hate he receives. I think he's pretty damn funny. "There was a woman in a bikini contest that had one boob bigger than the other. She came in first and third place." I like his delivery. It's an act but then most comedians are putting on an act with a character.

Then there was Bill Engvall. I've heard of this guy for years but I've never heard his comedy. He was funny but not as much as the first two cats. Foxworthy was last. Like Engvall, he didn't bring the funny like Ron & Larry. He does that thing that most comedians do after they start making babies...talk about their fucking kids for most of their routine. I don't have kids and I ain't gonna start. I'm VERY content with that, too. Seriously, they'd cut into my social life way too much. Foxworthy does and he loves to tell you about it. He did make me laugh a few times but still, you know? The last 40 or so minutes had all four of them on the stage. It seemed like they were going to do a Q&A with the audience which would have been great but all they did was goad each other into telling stories showing that it was really just a chance for each of them to do a few more minutes of their routines. It's a good sampler of each of the comedians but I'd rather see them do an hour special than tease me with some funny.

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