Monday, August 29, 2011

She Mob (1968)

Director: ???

Starring: Marni Castle, Monique Duval, Adam Clyde, Twig, Eve Laurie

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Erotic Sex Practices of the Butches and Dykes of the Weird World!

Plot: A gang of four lesbian inmates escapes from prison and kidnaps the boyfriend of a wealthy woman. She hires a tough private eye to find her boyfriend and rescue him.

My rating: 6/10

Will I watch it again? I don't know...I just might.

While most of these types of 60s black & white exploitation/roughie pictures don't hold much of a re-watchability factor for me, I can't stop watching them. They all have something that's worth watching for but they also generally suffer from the same thing - many scenes go on for far too long (usually for the sake of nudity) causing the picture to be as much as a third of overkill. Now I don't mind nudity one bit unless it interferes with the picture. You can bring on as much gratuitous nudity as you want but if you're going to show people squirming around doing nothing for literally 8 minutes, I'm a-headin' for the remote. Life's too short and if I'm going to waste it watching my fair share of shitty movies, I'm not going to allow this to bring me down.

DAMN! They're about to pop!
I didn't know they made fake boobs in 1968.
It's amazing what we learn from watching movies.

I have GOT to get me one of these (and I don't even smoke):

I dig that outfit! No, seriously, I dig that outfit!

Separated at birth?

Now, on with the movie. I kind of liked it. It's got some padding in the beginning. Fast forward through that and the rest of the flick (it's only an hour and twenty minutes) goes by pretty fast. There's a thin attempt at a plot which certainly works for this kind of picture. There's a car chase, some bondage, a gang rape on the gigolo, kidnapping, extortion, all kinds of shit - and there's some humor. SHE MOB is part of a double feature disc from Something Weird Video LOADED with sexploitation trailers and two strip tease shorts, each about 15 minutes long, from the 1940s which is mildly interesting. Once is all you need for the shorts. The other film on the disc, NYMPHS ANONYMOUS (1968), doesn't fare as well as SHE MOB. Why? Because it's longer.


  1. You got anymore clips of this movie by any chance?

  2. Just the one I uploaded above. Netflix should have it if you want to see it.