Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Acid Eaters (1968)

Director: Byron Mabe

Starring: Buck Kartalian, Ernie F. Orsatti, Bob Wren, John McCloud, Pat Barrington, Judy Wood, Sharon Carr, Bambi Allen

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Does She...Or Doesn't She...? Only "The Acid Eaters" Know for Sure!

Plot: Three hippie couples leave their 9 to 5 routine behind to drive their motorcycles out to the middle of nowhere and take a lot of acid. Once completely wasted, there is topless swimming, nude body painting, girls sinking in quicksand, a topless knife fight, run-ins with Indian pimps, and sex on a pyramid. Things begin to get weird though once the couples actually go inside the pyramid and the acid really starts to kick in. Suddenly Buck Kartalian turns into the Devil (complete with pointy goatee) and pokes people with a plastic pitchfork while they have sex and dance around topless.

My rating: 4/10

Will I watch it again? Nope.

I'm not sure about this but I think I'M the one whose supposed to have dropped acid before watching this. It's just a bunch of free-wheelin' after-work thrill seekers getting naked, riding motorcycles, smoking reefers and dropping acid. Outside of that there's nothing here. It's a fun time over the weekend. Great poster, though.

It's only an hour long but it feels like forever. The humor is over the top silly but the nudity is very nice and there's plenty of it.

Seriously, I can't say this enough, body painting needs to come back.

The problem is, they're having fun and I'm not. I was mostly bored trying to figure out what was the point. The point is there is no point. It's just the highlights of a group of friends on a weekend excursion tripping balls...and meeting Satan who wears jammies.

Earlier this week I watched the 3rd volume of 60s GO-GO CHICKS which is a compilation by Something Weird Video of 1960s clips from all over the place of women dancing in various stages of undress. It's a neat aside that 3 nights later I see a movie one of those clips was culled from.

If you really want to waste your time, you can spend this hour plus another two and a half with the Something Weird Video double feature DVD that also has a very interesting documentary on grass called WEED (1972), a couple of school drug scare films and a handful of drug-related trailers, most of which aren't going to do anything for you except reach for a doobie and stare at the walls until you pass out. Lucky you.

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