Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nymphs Anonymous (1968)

Director: Manuel Conde

Starring: Natasha, Gordon, Loie Lane, Banana Peel, Karen Lee, Jymi, Helena Clayton

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Stop Thinking About Girls! Start Laughing!

Plot: One bored housewife gets tired of fucking bill collectors, vacuum cleaner salesmen, and psychiatrists, so she joins Nymphs Anonymous and gets two studs sent to her every hour on the hour. When her husband comes home, he gets so jealous that he camps outside the house with a sniper rifle and kills the studs one by one.

My rating: 5/10

Will I watch it again? Nah.

NYMPHS is an admirable 60s nudie exploitation picture in that it actually has a few good laughs. Usually the humor in these things is just dumb (what do you expect in a movie that delivers gratuitous nudity, Monty Python wit?). Maybe I was slap-happy tired when I saw it but I chuckled a few times. It's just a long string of situations where the girls get naked, the guys get goofy and the jealous husband gets to shoot them.

The bodies start piling up and the cops show up and you get the situation where one person moves the bodies from the trunk to the freezer and someone else puts them back routine. You get goofy shit like that all through the picture. It's only 87 minutes but feels like it could have been better if maybe cut down to about 60. I have to give them credit, they made me laugh a couple of times and the nudity and bad performances sure made it more fun.


NYMPHS ANONYMOUS is part of a double feature disc from Something Weird Video LOADED with sexploitation trailers and two strip tease shorts, each about 15 minutes long, from the 1940s which is mildly interesting. Once is all you need for the shorts. The other film on the disc,SHE MOB (1968), is slightly more fun partly because it's shorter.

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