Monday, March 2, 2009

Black Sheep (2006)

Director: Jonathan King

Starring: People from Down Unda (or the country right next to Down Unda)

More Info: IMDB

Tagline: There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand... and they're pissed off!

Plot: An experiment in genetic engineering turns harmless sheep into blood-thirsty killers that terrorize a sprawling New Zealand farm.

My Rating: 7/10

Would I watch it again? Yeah, I can see that happening.

In the past several years there have been some really good horror comedies come around and most from outside the USA. SEVERANCE (2006-UK), SHAWN OF THE DEAD (2004-UK), JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER (2007-Canada) to name a few. And now I've seen another one. It's from New Zealand and it's as silly and fun as the plot suggests.

The atmosphere is just right, the photography of the New Zealand landscape is lush and beautiful, the score works well, the kills are fun, there's plenty of gore (and more of that fucking hyper-stylized squishing sound that pisses me off) and plenty of from-the-gut laughs.

The sheep are hilarious. They're so damn cute and that's one thing that makes it so damn funny.

It's not all roses though. The biggest hurdle to overcome is some of the actors. For the most part they're hitting all of the right beats but there are some not-so-good line readings and some over-the-top performances. But it's not enough to derail a really fun film. It's also a bit too silly at times but that's OK.

Really. It's not that baaaaaaaaaaad. A...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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