Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spider-Man (2002)

Director: Sam Raimi

Writer: David Koepp

Composer: Danny Elfman

Starring:  Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Cliff Robertson, Rosemary Harris, J.K. Simmons, Joe Manganiello, Gerry Becker, Bill Nunn, Jack Betts, Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Elizabeth Banks, Robert Kerman

More info: IMDb

Tagline: With great power comes great responsibility.

Plot: When bitten by a genetically modified spider, a nerdy, shy, and awkward high school student gains spider-like abilities that he eventually must use to fight evil as a superhero after tragedy befalls his family

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again? Yes and the next time it's on Blu-ray.

Great flick.  It's been well over ten years since I last saw this and it's just as I remembered.  Elfman's score works well and he's got a memorable main theme.  Maguire does a great job in the lead.  Hell, the whole cast is really good except I'm not crazy about Rosemary Harris as Aunt May.  She's a little too Aunt Bee, apple pie in the window for me.  Simmons is hilarious as Jameson.  People complain about some of the effects but I think they're great and at their worst, I can overlook minor stuff like that. It's fine storytelling with great pacing and enough humor throughout to make it an easy repeat watch.  The second film is even better but the third is heavily flawed.  I still haven't watched either of the Garfield pictures.  I've got the 2-disc special edition DVD but I think I'll pick up the Blu-ray set on the cheap before I watch it again. 

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