Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Situation Normal: A.F.U. (1970)

Original title: Rosolina Paterno, Soldato...

Director: Nanni Loy

Writers: Agenore Incrocci, Nanni Loy, Furio Scarpelli

Composer: Carlo Rustichelli

Starring: Nino Manfredi, Jason Robards, Peter Falk, Martin Landau, Scott Hylands, Milena Vukotic, Lorenza Guerrieri, Corrado, Anthony Dawson, Slim Pickens

More info: IMDb

Plot: In WWII, a commando was sent in a secret mission in Sicily. They had a reluctant Italian prisoner of war to help them.

My rating:  4/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

 Ugh.  I thought this would have been better.  The cast is great.  Slim Pickens is barely in it, Peter Falk is hilarious but his role is cut short.  Robards and Landau are fun but they're not given as much screen time as fans of any of these cats would like.  The aforementioned actors dubbed their own voices, the others did not for this English release.  To be fair to the film, the print I watched was horrible.  Non-anamorphic widescreen VHS (and shitty) with Dutch subs (in front of large black bars) hard-coded into the picture.  I know it's awful but it's the only one I could find.  Someone sent it too me a decade ago and I'm just now getting around to it.  Despite some fun moments with the known cast, what few there are, the film is mostly slow with too many drawn-out scenes.  It doesn't help that the score is repetitive and ill-conceived.  It feels much longer than it is.  Even though my experience with the film is pretty bad, I'd still wait in line to see a great print in a theater and spend money to do it.  That usually elevates a picture.  No film deserves to be seen like I saw this one.  Woof.

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