Thursday, January 21, 2016

Captain John Smith and Pocahontas (1953)

Director: Lew Landers

Writers: Aubrey Wisberg, Jack Pollexfen

Composer: Albert Glasser

Starring: Anthony Dexter, Jody Lawrance, Alan Hale Jr., Robert Clarke, Stuart Randall, James Seay, Philip Van Zandt, Shepard Menken, Douglass Dumbrille, Anthony Eustrel, Henry Rowland, Eric Colmar

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Tagline:  A white man and an Indian Princess!  They dared a nation's vengeance and the red man's live the greatest love story of them all!

Plot: Captain John Smith overcomes the treachery of some of his men and resentment of the local Native Americans to establish the colony of Jamestown.

My rating:

Will I watch it again?  No.

Drinking game:  Take a drink every time anyone says either Pocahontas and Captain John Smith.  Hammered in minutes.   The first time we meet Pocahontas (go ahead, take a drink) and she opens her mouth, she speaks perfect English.  Of course the Indians are all played by whites.  Anthony Dexter was a poor choice for the lead.  He's not good.  His line delivery is stale and he lacks even a modest amount of charisma.  He's just reciting lines.  Alan Hale is great but he's barely in it.  Hell, I'd rather have him as Captain John Smith (take another drink, please).  He may not look like what you'd think the character would be but he's a much better actor.  There's nothing better than average about this picture.  It's bland and the love story business is going to bore the kids to death.  The MGM DVD presents the film in its original fullscreen format and the only extras you get, if you can believe this, is the fullscreen trailer for HOOK (1991)!?!

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