Friday, January 15, 2016

Armageddon (1998)

Director: Michael Bay

Writers: Jonathan Hensleigh, J.J. Abrams, Tony Gilroy, Shane Salerno, Robert Roy Pool

Composer: Trevor Rabin

Starring: Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Will Patton, Steve Buscemi, William Fichtner, Owen Wilson, Michael Clarke Duncan, Peter Stormare, Ken Hudson Campbell, Jessica Steen, Keith David, Chris Ellis, Jason Isaacs, Eddie Griffin, Udo Kier, Shawnee Smith, Charlton Heston, Mark Boone Junior, Lawrence Tierney

More info: IMDb

Tagline: It's Closer Than You Think.

Plot: After discovering that an asteroid the size of Texas is going to impact Earth in less than a month, N.A.S.A. recruits a misfit team of deep core drillers to save the planet.

My rating:3/10

Will I watch it again? NOOOOOO!

I first saw this more than 15 years ago and I couldn't stand it.  It is so loud, obnoxious, ridiculous and oozing with bubblegum testosterone.  I REALLY dig a lot of the cast (Thornton and Buscemi most of all, and they're both fun in this) but the story and direction are so over the top it's cartoonish.  Cut to maybe three years ago when a bunch of friends came over to watch it.  I was OK with that because I had to know if it was me or if the movie really is that bad and rubbed me the wrong way.  It's not me, I can tell you that much. The film can't be content with trying to be a good action suspense flick.  No.  Michael Bay & Co. have to give it an unhealthy dose of steroids to make the action scenes larger than life and, as is the case with the final third of the picture, keep shoving action in our faces at every turn by having everything that can possibly go wrong go horribly wrong and overlong.  It's 20 minutes shy of 3 hours.  NEARLY THREE HOURS!!!  The picture tries too hard and there's too much in it.  It's an exercise in excess.  I realize I'm in the minority on this one and most everyone I know likes or loves this movie.  I'm done with it.  I've seen it twice now.  I've long since sold my Criterion DVD special edition at a yard sale for a buck.  

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