Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Jesse Stone 3: Death in Paradise (2006)

Director: Robert Harmon

Writers: Robert B. Parker, J.T. Allen, Michael Brandman, Tom Selleck

Composer: Jeff Beal

Starring: Tom Selleck, Viola Davis, Kohl Sudduth, Orla Brady, Gary Basaraba, John Diehl, Debra Christofferson, Stephen McHattie, William Devane, Gillian Anderson

More info: IMDb

Plot:  When the body of a fourteen-year-old teenager is found in the margin of a lake in Paradise, Massachusetts, the Chief of Police Jesse Stone and his officer Simpson seek clues in the spot. Through a class ring of a student that they find near the corpse, they identity the dead girl, the local slut Billy Bishop. Meanwhile, his department deals with a domestic violent situation with an aggressive and abusive husband who beats his wife. Along his investigation, Stone discloses that the famous writer Norman Shaw was too much close to the victim and intended to write the biography of the famous gangster Leo in his next book. Joining the pieces of evidences like a puzzle, Stone unravels the identity of the criminal.

My rating: 7/10

Will I watch it again?  Yeah.

These great JESSE STONE TV movies are lots of fun although they do have their varying degrees of quality and I have minor issues with some.  I think I speak for the world when I say that we need more William Devane in everything.  Selleck is great in this role.  It's like comfort food, this series.  Having watched all of these in the span of a week or two, they kind of blend together.  I'll watch them all, like some and love the rest.  The Sony DVD has no extras except for some lame trailers which aren't even worth mentioning...except that I've kind of mentioned them.  The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen.

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