Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sin in the Suburbs (1964)

Director: Joseph W. Sarno

Writer: Joseph W. Sarno

Composer: Sam S. Fiedel

Starring: Judy Young, W.B. Parker, Audrey Campbell, Dyanne Thorne, Maria Ellis, Richard Tatro, Derek Crane, Ella Daphni, Charles Clements, Wayne Roberts, John Aristedes, William Donaldson, Joseph Garri, Mari Kiselle, Neil Bogart

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Tagline: The sensation clubs! Partners in pleasure! Wild bottle parties!

Plot: After discovering that her mother is involved in an adulterous affair, a pretty high school student seeks help from a neighbor. While their trusting bond grows into a deep relationship, a secret sex club for the area's pleasure-seeking women is started. Soon, Mom discovers that her daughter is a member!

My rating: 7/10

Will I watch it again? Yes.

You almost get exactly what you think you're going to get with a Joe Sarno picture called SIN IN THE SUBURBS.  I say almost because there's very little nudity...

Aw, COME ON!  This is bullshit!

But what you do get is a great, sleazy picture filled with all kinds of, ahem, perversions.  The first half hour feels a little weird as if it's going to be the usual sexploitation bore fest but after that shit starts happening all over the place.  Bored housewives are cheating on their husbands as soon as the menfolk leave for work.  A bonus is the lesbian next door neighbor (played by Ilsa herself, Dyanne Thorne who looks completely different than she did ten years later in ILSA, SHE WOLF OF THE SS (1974)) who seduces her next door neighbor's (Judy "Olga" Young as Kathy) daughter, Geraldine (Campbell)!!!  The way it all played out was terrific.

Sam Fiedel's groovy-as-shit score is a big plus.  Some of the jazzy tunes would feel right at home in the BATMAN '66 TV show.  It's a dynamite score.  The ending is great, too, and has a tamer jolt akin to one of the final minutes in A SERBIAN FILM (2010).  For its day it had to be shocking to some degree.  Like most Something Weird Video DVDs it's one of a similar themed double feature, this one with THE SWAP AND HOW THEY MAKE IT (1966) and it's loaded with trailers, shorts and a Sarno commentary track.  I can't wait to dig into that.  This is a surprisingly good film that takes the high road by not filling it with wall to wall nudity (not that that's a bad thing, right?).  It's a mature exploitation picture that oozes with sleaze and 60s wife-swappin' fun.

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