Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Ghosts of Edendale (2003)

Director: Stefan Avalos

Writer: Stefan Avalos

Composer: Vincent Gillioz

Starring: Paula Ficara, Stephen Wastell, Andrew Kirsanov, Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe, Patrick Hasson, Nathan Lum, Ethan Grant, Jay Brown, Robert Lane, Maureen Davis, Cynthia King, Arthur Guzman

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Some people are dying to make it in the movies.

Plot: A young couple moves into a neighborhood obsessed with the frightening silent movie history that took place 80 years before. As the boyfriend also becomes obsessed, it becomes apparent that something more is happening.

My rating: 2/10

Will I watch it again? No.

Look at that poster.  Does it look like a horror/Western?  Hell, the first two genres listed on IMDb for it are Horror and Western (yeah, I realize that it's probably added by anyone who wants to update it, but still).  I guess part of my disappointment with this is that this isn't what I thought by a friggin' long shot.  But then the other part could be because it bored the piss out of me.  OK, so I exagerate a little.  At no point did urine escape my urethra but it really taxed my ability to stay awake.  90 minutes a f Rachel (Ficara) seeing things wasn't doing it for me.  There are several scenes where she's nude in a hot tub or a shower (really, several) without showing any nudity.  Call me a pig but this picture could have used the scant nipple or two or three.  Ugh.  I really wanted to dig this one.  Oh, yeah, the DVD cover says it's from the maker of THE LAST BROADCAST (1998), which I've heard really good things about so I was looking forward to checking out this "horror/Western".  It's time to move on...

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