Monday, February 3, 2014

Magicians (2007)

Director: Andrew O'Connor

Writers: David Britland, Andy Nyman, Anthony Owen, Andrew O'Connor, Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain

Composer: Paul Englishby

Starring: Robert Webb, David Mitchell, Sarah Hadland, Paul Mark Elliott, Karen Seacombe, Phil Nice, Jessica Hynes, Darren Boyd, Miranda Hart

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Don't ask how they do it, ask why?

Plot: A pair of rivaling stage magicians are forced to confront their falling out over a guillotine mishap when they compete in a magic competition.

My rating: 7.5/10

Will I watch it again? Yes.

A friend of mine recently turned me on to a great British TV comedy called PEEP SHOW (2003) that's been running for 8 seasons and hopefully will keep going.  It's an odd show but I'm totally into it and I can't wait for series 9.  Anyway, the two fellas in that, David Mitchell and Robert Webb, star in MAGICIANS.  Having watched all 8 series of PEEP SHOW, I really enjoyed this picture.   When you spend about 21 hours (in 42 episodes) with two very funny people that you like, it doesn't hurt when you see them in anything afterward.  This picture is funny and it plays off the strengths of the two actors.  I'm a sucker for magicians and magic so there's that going for it, too.  And, like in PEEP SHOW, there is the odd uncomfortable situation or two that you see coming a mile away (as intended) and makes you cringe in embarrassment for the character.  There are lots of opportunities for some great gags and they take full advantage of them.  The magician names and acts are fucking hysterical.  If you haven't seen this or PEEP SHOW then do yourself a favor and at least give the first half dozen episodes of PEEP a chance before watching this.  They're both on Netflix streaming.

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