Thursday, December 22, 2011

Serial Killers: Dennis Nilsen (2009)

Director: Jeremy Turner

Starring: Dennis Nilsen and miscilanious body parts

More info: IMDb

Plot: On a frigid winter day in London, a group of tenants complained of drainage problems in their apartments. Five days later, a plumber arrived to inspect the pipes and made a grisly discovery... the drains were being blocked by a mass of rotting flesh. The plumber contacted the police. The remains were examined and found to be of human origin. Dennis Nilsen was a serial killer who resided in a London flat and killed no less than fifteen people during a five-year murder spree. He cremated the remains of his victims in his backyard. This method of disposal was no longer possible when he relocated to an apartment without a yard, and so he began dissecting his victims and flushing their remains down the toilet.

My rating: 7.5/10

Will I watch it again? Yes.

I love these concise British TV documentaries. They're much better than what we do over here in the States. Of the ones made in the UK about serial killers, they give you lots of information without repeating much and without sensationalizing the killers and their victims, much less so than the U.S.-made ones. One thing about this film is the dramatic recreations are very well done and feel like they were pulled from a movie or a highly produced TV show. The subject of Nilsen himself is an interesting one as once the coppers show up to inquire about the human remains found in the drain that came from his flat, he's very calm about the visit and proceeds to quietly spill the beans to them as if he'd been wanting to confess all along. Good doc. You can watch the whole thing on the video above.

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