Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stalags (2008)

Director: Ari Libsker

Starring: Ezra Narkis, K. Tzetnik

More info: IMDb

Plot: Documentary film about pornographic Stalag fiction books popular in Israel around the time of the Adolf Eichmann trial.

My rating: 7.5/10

Will I watch it again? Once was fine but maybe.

WOW, What an interesting documentary! The first half of this hour long film talks about the very brief history of these books. The cover artwork is outstanding and you can clearly see where the Nazisploitation film movement got its inspiration from. This is it without question (although this doc doesn't mention them).

The second half deals with more of the demise, political and social aspects of the books. I've never heard of these and they sound absolutely fascinating. I must have one. I noticed K. Tzetnik's controversial novel that kind of started it all, "House of Dolls", is on Amazon used for about forty clams. I'm very tempted...Fuck it, I'll get it. You didn't even try and stop me, damn you! Now I'm going to have to read, I mean research, this 60 year old smut.

For much more information than I have time to regurgitate, check out this article by Isabel Kershner.

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