Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Pink Floyd Story: Which One's Pink? (2007)

Director: ???

Starring: Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Nick Mason

More info: BBC

Plot: Forty years after Britain's foremost 'underground' band released their debut album, 'Piper At The Gates Of Dawn', Pink Floyd remain one of the biggest brand names and best-loved bands in the world. This film features extended archive footage alongside original interviews with David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright and Nick Mason, and traces the journey of a band that has only ever had five members, three of whom have lead the band at different stages of its evolution

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again? Absolutely.

As a Floyd fan of more than twenty years now (I was late in delving into their catalog), I really didn't know an awful lot about the band. I've just been digging their music for all these years and hadn't really looked into it more than the casual fan. This BBC TV doc (at just under an hour long) is a respectable overview of the band's career from their beginnings in '65 to their 20 minute reunion at Live Aid in 2005. It was film the year following Syd Barret's death and shortly before Rick Wright's in 2008. What I dug were the current interviews with all four surviving members. The doc touched on every album with bits of info on each. The Final Cut is my second favorite Floyd record and they spent the least amount of time on that one. I'd like to have heard more about it but then there's not much they could do in the time allotted. I've got tons of Pink Floyd DVDs, late 60s/early 70s performances and stuff that I really should get to. This just might have been the catalyst to make that happen. This doc is concise and it will at least lead you to wanting to learn more or at least listen to their catalog and lose yourself for a while.

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