Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Korean Connection (1974)

Director: Doo-Yong Lee

Starring: Yong-Cheol Han (who? yeah...)

More Info: IMDB

Plot: Tiger gains the reputation of having amazing fighting skills. He just doesn't want to stay with his gangster clan. Instead he's in love with a girl. The head of the crime family forces him into one last job which has dire consequences unknown to Tiger.

My Rating: 5/10

Would I watch it again? When rice patties fly

#16 on Dusk to Dawn Drive-In Trash-o-Rama Show Vol. 1 (part of the TRAILER TRASH PROJECT)

Though not entirely horrible, KC has its moments. The dubbing, though usually shitty in these types of films, is surprisingly SHITTY! The voice actors are so bad and lazy it's hilarious. I've never heard such monotoned, uninterested voice acting. FDR could've done a better job and he'd been dead by nearly 30 years at that point. Just point the mic at the grave and say, "Action!"

That is one serious cigarette holder, man!

There's a pretty funny scene where Tiger fights his future brother-in-law. They fight their way into the water, the camera pans to the right as we still hear the sounds of chop socky and they reappear in another spot from under the surface.Nice. It's with this scene early on that you get the feeling they were having fun with this. The fighting is pretty good with Yong-Cheol Han showing that he's got some of the rubberiest legs around.

It can be a chore to finish but then it does have enough moments of goofiness and bad dubbing to make it through to the end without hating yourself for it. Next up on the trailer list is a Spaghetti Western and THE GROOVE TUBE, which I've seen and I remember some great laugh-out-loud moments. Hopefully, those two will make up for this one and WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS. Woof!

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