Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Goliath and the Vampires (1961)

Director: Sergio Corbucci

Starring: Gordon Scott, Leonora Ruffo & Gianna Maria Canale

More Info: IMDB

Tagline: The mightiest battle of them all!

Plot: Goliath must save the kidnapped women of his village from an evil zombie leader who needs their blood to feed his soldiers.

My Rating: 5/10

Would I watch it again? no


Gordon Scott makes a great Maciste/Hercules/Samson/Whatever. Too bad the movie doesn't match his might!

I recently watched Scott as Tarzan in TARZAN'S GREATEST ADVENTURE (1959) and he kicked all kinds of ass. It's more of the same here but it's kind of on the dull side. There is plenty to like, though, like...

Guys gettin' arrowed in the eye...

Wenches gettin' tossed overboard to the sharks...

Dudes gettin' impaled!

And that's all in the first 20 minutes(!!!)...which is where the problem lies. The rest of the film has a few more bits of fun but they're too far spread out and by the time you get to the end it's Snoozeville! OK, maybe not that bad but it's at least an exit or two away from Drowsytown.

Angelo Francesco Lavagnino scored the European version while Lex Baxter scored the U.S. version so I'm guessing it was Lex's GREAT music I was diggin' on. The main theme kicked for sure, but it was the little things that were special like the music for the harem dance...

"Don't feel so badly. Life can be quite gay!"

"I'll say!"

And then there's this hottie's cute little number that's spiced up with some 60s vibe...

Some tasty dialogue...

ASTRA: Will you offer me a drink?
AMAHIL: I'd offer you more if I thought you'd accept.


Goliath battles himself...

Shows off for the ladies (and a few special men)...

And saves the day! Surprised?

I realize these kinds of pictures rarely live up to their wonderful poster art or taglines but, damnit!, I just needed a little more. There's enough fun material to pare this down to a solid 45 minute adventure without inducing yawns. Oh, well. Maybe I'll come across one of these where Goliath/Maciste/Hercules fights drag queens or something. That would likely kill 90 minutes without sustaining much injury.

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