Thursday, November 23, 2017

Mad Foxes (1981)

Original title: Los Violadores

Director: Paul Grau

Writers: Hans R. Walthard, Paul Grau, Melvin Quifiones, Jaime Sesus Balcazar

Composer: E-Flat

Starring: Jose Gras, Laura Premica, Andrea Albani, Peter John Saunders, Brian Billings, Hank Sutter, Garry Membrini, Ana Roca, Diana Miller, Irene Semmling, Mary-Ann Vaughn, Guillermo Balcazar, Eric Falk, Helmi Sigg, Paul Grau, Antonio Molino Rojo, Hans R. Walthard

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Tagline: Furious Hell's killers carve out a bloody revenge in a vicious vendetta.

Plot: A man seeks revenge after a biker gang murders his family.

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again?  YES!!!


This movie is off the fucking chain!  I first watched it alone and loved the shit out of it so much that I called a group movie night a couple of days later and we all had a friggin' blast!  This Spanish action revenge picture (and fortunately dubbed in English) is bizarre and violent as fuck.  It starts with Hal on the make with a young hottie on her 18th birthday.  On his way to his bar to get her liquored up so's he can bang her, at a stop light he's met with some nasty bikers.

They get into a chase, one of the bikers is killed by his own stupidity.  They split after giving him shit and Hal hits the bar scene.  Now the dialogue is ridiculous as is the dubbing.  It's so bad it's good territory.  It's the kind of thing where people say things that have nothing to do with the other as if to kill time like, "Springtime in France is lovely.  I like pants.  Are you trying not to be seen?".  At first it's just bad but it grows on you and suddenly you're in what the fuck territory and you're laughing your ass off. 

This is a regular dance club like disco and shit and then suddenly some swing tune comes on and it's literally one and a half minutes of this!

The fuck is that shit? If I had to edit anything out of this, this one scene would probably be it.  Now that Hal has his gal proper lubricated enough to leave they come across the bikers outside the club.

The girl is raped and they're both beaten pretty bad.  She's in the hospital.  He's bandaged up and makes a call to these guys...

Check out sexy in the window!  Hal gets his buddies to help kick some biker asses!

The next day Hal is home banging another chick and the bikers find out where the karate dudes hang out.  Then it's one of the most violent massacres you've ever seen.

It's bloody as hell and proves to be a real shocker.  Now this is where the spoilers end.  We're 24 minutes in with 52 more to go.  There are some scenes that drag the picture down just a little but that didn't bother me a bit because after these little breathers the film goes batshit violent.  It's campy, unintentionally funny, unpredictably violent and bloody.  There's also a good deal of nudity and that goes for the dudes, too.

And the ending will blow your mind.  I really want to talk about every single scene and back it up with pictures but that would take time away from watching another movie and it wouldn't be fair to spoil any more because you really need to see this for yourself.  It's a fantastic trashy movie that would best be served on the biggest screen you can muster up and have your friends over and the liquor flowing.  It's a real hoot.  Finding gems like this makes suffering through days and days of shit worth it.


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