Friday, November 24, 2017

Deadlock (1970)

Director: Roland Klick

Writer: Roland Klick

Composer: Can

Starring: Mario Adorf, Anthony Dawson, Marquand Bohm, Mascha Rabben, Siegurd Fitzek, Betty Segal

More info: IMDb

Plot:  In a deserted mining town at the end of nowhere three desperate men fight over a suitcase full of cash.

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again?  Yes.

I watched this without knowing anything about it except that it was a Spaghetti Western.  This German picture grabbed me by the short and curlies from the first few minutes and didn't let go.  I was hooked.  I was surprised, and a little disappointed, that this wasn't set in the Old West but it easily could've been.  I loved the sparse locale and the minimal cast.  It's one of those pictures that does such a good job that it held my attention for ransom and it wouldn't give in until it was over.  I didn't question anything.  I just gave myself to the film and went for a ride.  The English dub is pretty good and it didn't interfere with anything.  It's not a dialogue heavy movie as half the characters say very little.  Now that I've given it some time, any questions I have about some of them can easily be answered.  The thing is, writer/director Klick doesn't hold your hand.  It's not a tough film to follow by any means but not everything is explained, either.  Like the landscape (great cinematography, by the way), the characters are violent and don't mess about.  People die.  The body count is dead and for some of them it's probably for the best.  It's a got a good story, performances, set design, the works.  I certainly wasn't disappointed that it wasn't set in the Old West when it was over but it definitely played like one.  Substitute horses for cars and get some period guns and that's all you'd need to do make that happen.  I highly recommend this one.  Now excuse me while I go play some Red Dead Redemption.  I've got an Old West fever and the only cure is killin' some folks that needs killin'.

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