Saturday, September 9, 2017

Pulp Friction (1994)

Director: Anthony Spinelli

Writer: Mitch Spinelli

Composer: The London Underground

Starring: Blade Baran, J.R. Carrington, Dallas D'Amour, Jonathan Morgan, Alex Sanders, Shelby Stevens, Frank Towers, Tina Tyler, Vince Vouyer, Crystal Wilder

More info: IMDb

Plot: They're tough, they're mean, they're the babes of Pulp Friction. Shelby Stevens, Crystal Wilder, J.R. Carrington and Tina Tyler are arch enemies. It's all about money and sex - men and women.

My rating: 3/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

I only watched this because I thought it was a parody of Tarantino's film that came out the same year.  I'm pissed.  This was pretty bad.  It's about a kidnapping and it's got nothing to do with PULP FICTION (1994).  The story is weak (yeah, I know, it's a porno) and the fuck scenes are boring.  You get the usual guy on girl, two guys on girl and girl on girl.  Everyone has lovely bodies (some fake tits, some natural but the dudes aren't packing more than 6" and some don't get fully hard) but it's a mixed bag.  The music is dull and lifeless.  What you hear in the clip above is mostly what you get throughout the movie.  Can you imagine fucking to that?  Watch the movie and you find out how well it works.  Ugh.  Don't waste your time.  

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